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Cosmos wonders
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by Jaime Fernandez

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Saturn "solstice", 20/jun/2020
Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System.

Kepler crater
Crater with notable ray system

Diamond ring crater

Philolaus & Plato Crater
Mare Frigoris area surounded by Philolae & Plato, not too far from Grail A & B spacecraft impact site.

Hi-res Moon mosaic, 12.36d
Moon mosaic composed of 19 images

Proclus Crater
Proclus crater and it's notable ray system

Gassendi & Mare Humorum
Mare Humorum composed mosaic

Rima Hyginus, Rimae Triesnecker & Rima Ariadaeus
Three prominent rimae near Sinus Medii.

Schiller Crater
Oddly shaped lunar impact crater

Rupes Recta & Rima Birt
Prominent linear fault on the Moon and volcanic rille.

Wargentin crater
Unusual lunar impact crater which has been filled to its rim by a basaltic lava flow

Mons Rümker
Isolated volcanic formation, concentration of 30 lunar domes

M1 color SHO

Moon LRGB combination, 8.71 d.
Moon LRBG combination, composed of 1 RGB image plus 12 IR images mosaic luminance

Moon LRGB combination, 14.86 d.
Moon LRBG combination, composed of 1 RGB image plus 4 images mosaic luminance

Premio a la Mejor Astrofotografía del Sistema Solar 2018, Concurso de astrofotografía y foto nocturna de la Agrupación Astronómica Madrid Sur (

Venus aproaching their inferior conjunction

Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day (AAPOD2), 23/apr/2017

Moon mosaic, 4.58d (artistic composition)
Artistic composition, Moon and Earth.

Lunar Picture of the Day (LPOD), 6/mar/2013

Moon sketching - Copernicus & Erastosthenes
Copernicus & Erastosthenes sketching

Astronomy Sketch of the Day (ASOD), 7/feb/2012

Supernova SN2011by - NGC3972
Supernova SN2011by located in galaxy NGC3972

Amateur Astronomy Picture of Day (AAPOD), 28/Dec/2011

IC1396 - Elephant's Trunk nebula - Ha + RGB
Concentration of interstellar gas and dust in the star cluster IC 1396. Ha + RGB

Amateur Astronomy Picture of Day (AAPOD), 5/oct/2011

Hartley2 Comet & NGC281
Comet 103P/Hartley 2 passed near NGC281 past Oct2, 2010.

NASA Astronomy Picture of Day (APOD) 7/OCT/2010
Published in ESPACIO magazine, Feb.2011

Sagittarius wide field mosaic
Wide field of Galaxy center covering more than 17 interesting Messier and NGC objetcs, labeled in the picture.

- NASA Astronomy Picture of Day (APOD) 31/8/2010
- Publicada en "Información y Actualidad Astronómica" del Instituto Astrofísico de Andalucía, número 33 de febrero 2011

M45 - Pleiades Cluster
The seven sisters open cluster.

Amateur Astronomy Picture of Day (AAPOD) 28/may/2011
Published in AstronomiA magazine, No.128 Feb. 2010

NGC7635 (Bubble Nebula) + M52 - RGB
HII Emission nebula

Jun 2009 Monthly Winner
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