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Spiral galaxy in the constellation Andromeda, also known as M31 and often referred to as the Great Andromeda Nebula
The Andromeda Galaxy is located approximately 2.5 million light-years away. It is also known as NGC 224. Andromeda is the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way, but not the closest galaxy overall. M31 is the largest galaxy of the Local Group, which consists of the Andromeda Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Triangulum Galaxy, and about 30 other smaller galaxies.

The 2006 observations by the Spitzer Space Telescope revealed that M31 contains one trillion (1012) stars, more than the number of stars in our own galaxy, which is estimated to be c. 200-400 billion. The Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way are expected to collide in perhaps 4.5 billion years.

The Andromeda Galaxy has satellite galaxies, consisting of 14 known dwarf galaxies. The best known and most readily observed satellite galaxies are M32 and M110.

The galaxy is inclined an estimated 77° relative to the Earth.

At an apparent magnitude of 3.4, the Andromeda Galaxy is notable for being one of the brightest Messier objects, making it easily visible to the naked eye even when viewed from areas with moderate light pollution. Although it appears more than six times as wide as the full Moon when photographed through a larger telescope, only the brighter central region is visible to the naked eye or when viewed using a binoculars or a small telescope.

Technical details:  
Valdemorillo - Madrid
Dec 2016
Long Perng ED80 f/6.9
f/6.3 Meade
Astronomik LRGB Type-II
Orion Atlas EQG
Canon 350D no filter
7x mosaic, 17x240s @-15ºC
Guiding tube:  
B&C 60/350 f7
Guiding camera:  
Meade DSI Pro
Guiding software:  
PHD Guiding
Luminance: Mosaic composed of 7 separate images. The core of the galaxy is an HDR composition from 10s, 60s and 240s images.
Chrominance: image taken in 2007 with Nikon DSLR and tele.
Mosaic was far from perfect.  
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