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by Jaime Fernandez

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Venus aproaching their inferior conjunction

Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day (AAPOD2), 23/apr/2017
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AR 11967-11968 - 2/feb/2014
Active Regions 11967 & 11968 observed on the sun surface.

Published in AstronomiA magazine, No.178, Apr.2014
(3 votes received)

Moon mosaic, 4.58d (artistic composition)
Artistic composition, Moon and Earth.

Lunar Picture of the Day (LPOD), 6/mar/2013
(8 votes received)

Moon sketching - Copernicus & Erastosthenes
Copernicus & Erastosthenes sketching

Astronomy Sketch of the Day (ASOD), 7/feb/2012
(6 votes received)

NGC1499 - California Nebula Mosaic (Ha)
H-alfa mosaic of this emission nebula located in the constellation Perseus, composed of 5 individual shots.

Amateur Astronomy Picture of Day (AAPOD), 19/aug/2012
(6 votes received)

Supernova SN2011by - NGC3972
Supernova SN2011by located in galaxy NGC3972

Amateur Astronomy Picture of Day (AAPOD), 28/Dec/2011
(3 votes received)

IC1396 - Elephant's Trunk nebula - Ha + RGB
Concentration of interstellar gas and dust in the star cluster IC 1396. Ha + RGB

Amateur Astronomy Picture of Day (AAPOD), 5/oct/2011
(3 votes received)

IC410 - NGC1893 - SHO color
Faint Ha nebulosity surrounding the open star cluster NGC 1893

Published in AstronomiA magazine, No.144, Jun. 2011
(14 votes received)

Hartley2 Comet & NGC281
Comet 103P/Hartley 2 passed near NGC281 past Oct2, 2010.

NASA Astronomy Picture of Day (APOD) 7/OCT/2010
Published in ESPACIO magazine, Feb.2011

(50 votes received)

Sagittarius wide field mosaic
Wide field of Galaxy center covering more than 17 interesting Messier and NGC objetcs, labeled in the picture.

- NASA Astronomy Picture of Day (APOD) 31/8/2010

- Publicada en "Información y Actualidad Astronómica" del Instituto Astrofísico de Andalucía, número 33 de febrero 2011

(56 votes received)

M45 - Pleiades Cluster
The seven sisters open cluster.

Amateur Astronomy Picture of Day (AAPOD) 28/may/2011
Published in AstronomiA magazine, No.128 Feb. 2010

(16 votes received)

IC5146 - Cocoon Nebula
Reflection, emision and absorption nebula

Published in AstronomiA magazine, No.117 Mar. 2009
(5 votes received)

IC1396 - Elephant's Trunk nebula
Concentration of interstellar gas and dust in the star cluster IC 1396

Amateur Astronomy Picture of Day (AAPOD) 18/mar/2011
(15 votes received)

NGC7635 (Bubble Nebula) + M52 - RGB
HII Emission nebula

Jun 2009 Monthly Winner
(9 votes received)

Moon mosaic, 2,81 days (hi res)
Moon mosaic composed of 17 images.

(0 votes received)

AR2673-2674 - 3/sep/2017
AR2673 & AR2674: Active region observed on the sun surface.

(1 votes received)

AR2673-2674 - 3/sep/2017
AR2673 & AR2674: Active region observed on the sun surface.

(2 votes received)

ISS solar transit - 14/may/2017
This composite image, made from 50 frames, shows the International Space Station (ISS) in silhouette as it transits the sun at roughly 28.800 kolimeters per hour

(1 votes received)

Ten years observing Saturn (Cassini tribute)
As time goes by, the rings of Saturn are seen with different tilt from the Earth. This composite image is a tribute to Cassini spacecraft, and ilustrate Saturn during the last 10 years.

(1 votes received)

Júpiter - 19/3/2017
Júpiter, 19/mar/2017, 2:39h TU

(1 votes received)

Moon - Clavius Crater
Clavius crater and surrounding area.

(1 votes received)

Tres meses de Venus
Venus size and phase comparition after three months

(1 votes received)

Moon - Moretus area
Meoretus crater and surrounding area near the moon limbo.

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M31 - Andromeda Galaxy
Spiral galaxy in the constellation Andromeda, also known as M31 and often referred to as the Great Andromeda Nebula

(1 votes received)

M81/M82 - NGC3031/NGC3034 - Bode's Galaxy (v2)
Reprocessing from 2009 image. Physical group of galaxies about 12 million light-years away in the constellation Ursa Major. One of the closest groups to the Local Group, which contains the Milky Way.

(2 votes received)

Mars, 28/feb/2012
Fine surface details and naming

(9 votes received)

M42 - Orion Nebula (SHO)
False color image (SHO narrowband) of this diffuse nebula situated south of Orion's Belt.

(14 votes received)
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